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All Those Broken Angels
Peter A. Salomon

Peter Salomon's ALL THOSE BROKEN ANGELS gets a starred review from Booklist! They say "Salomon's sophomore work is the ideal companion piece to his undercelebrated debut, HENRY FRANKS (2012). It's another slow-motion car crash of a story characterized by scant but thrilling detail and tense, pulsing scenes that often feel more like threatening gestures." Look for this title in one week on September 8th--just in time to read for the Halloween season. Congratulations, Peter!


Go To Sleep, Little Farm
Mary Lyn Ray

"Ray’s lullaby reads like a sequel to Goodnight, Moon, with the same offbeat humor and incantatory language extending to the farm and the forest beyond it. ...Repeated, pleasingly surreal lines of verse convey the sense of drifting into slumber. ...It’s a keeper." ~ PW, starred review. September release.

Adrenaline Crush
Laurie Boyle Crompton

"Inspiring." ~ Kirkus Review. September release.

Evidence of Things Not Seen
Lindsey Lane

"The picture of a small border town caught up in a mystery and bound by its secrets is an intriguing one that Lane does well." ~ School Library Journal. September release.