Erin Murphy

Erin was born and raised in Arizona, and founded EMLA in Flagstaff in 1999. She cut her teeth in regional publishing at Northland Publishing/Rising Moon Books for Young Readers, a beloved decades-old Flagstaff company that was bought out in 2007, where she was editor-in-chief. As founder of EMLA she has focused not just on publishing books, but on building careers—and creating a sense of community, as well.

Erin represents writers and writer-illustrators of picture books, novels for middle-graders and young adults, and strong nonfiction. Her favorite reads feel timeless, have strong voices, and express unique creative visions. Because of her full client list, she rarely signs new writers or illustrators. In addition to reading, her interests include traveling, knitting, walking, kayaking, watching movies, and figuring out How People Work.

Erin will appear at Whispering Pines in West Greenwich, Rhode Island March 12-14, 2015, and at the Sundance Lodge One-Day Writing Retreat August 9, 2015.

Ammi-Joan Paquette
Senior Agent

Joan is a Senior Agent with EMLA, working from her home office in Massachusetts as the "East Coast branch" of the agency. She represents all forms of children's and young adult literature, but is most excited by a strong lyrical voice, tight plotting with surprising twists and turns, and stories told with heart and resonance that will stand the test of time.

An EMLA client herself, Joan is also the author of numerous books for children, most recently the picture books Ghost in the House (Candlewick, 2013) and Petey and Pru and the Hullabaloo (Clarion, 2013), and the novels Paradox (Random House, 2013) and Rules for Ghosting (Walker, 2013). When she is not on the phone, answering email, or writing, you will most likely find Joan curled up with a book. Or baking something delicious. Or talking about something delicious she's baked. Really, after books and food, what else is there worth saying?

You can read more about Joan's writing and agenting process here.

Joan will be on the faculty at the following upcoming conferences and events:

March 12-14, 2015 - Whispering Pines, Providence RI
March 20-21, 2015 - Writing for Charity, Salt Lake City, Utah
April 24-25, 2015 - NESCBWI
May 1-3, 2015 - Poconos Writing Retreat
May 16, 2015 - One-day workshop on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

    Tricia Lawrence
    Associate Agent

    Tricia is the "Pacific Northwest branch" of EMLA—born and raised in Oregon, and now lives in Seattle. After 19 years of working as a developmental and production-based editor (from kids books to college textbooks, but mostly college textbooks), she joined the EMLA team in March 2011 as a social media strategist.

    As associate agent, Tricia represents picture books/chapter books that look at the world in a unique and unusual way, with characters that are alive both on and off the page, and middle grade and young adult fiction and nonfiction that offers strong worldbuilding, wounded narrators, and stories that grab a reader and won't let go.

    Tricia loves hiking, camping out in the woods, and collecting rocks. She loves BBC America and anything British. She has way too many books and not enough bookshelves. You can find Tricia's writing about blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking, and other social media topics (for authors and the publishing industry at large) here and here.

    Tricia will be attending or on the faculty at the following upcoming conferences and events:

    Tara Gonzalez
    Agent Assistant

    Tara Gonzalez is the assistant to Erin Murphy. She's located in Florida, where she was born and raised, although she's currently plotting how to make her way back to London. She's addicted to being busy and can't seem to stop. She's interned for a film distribution company, flirted with the idea of film school, and spent a glorious six months studying abroad in London. She's a Publicity Director with Entangled Publishing, a reader, and an unashamed cat lover. She loves all children's books, with a special fondness for young adult contemporaries and anything fantasy.

    Dennis Stephens

    Dennis is Erin's right-hand man in her Flagstaff office, assisting with accounting, organization, and development. He likes to claim the title of "bon vivant."

    Jackee Alston

    If Dennis is our right hand, then Jackee is the left. Jackee is our Flagstaff office assistant and social media administrator. Jackee has two and half degrees in Wildlife and Wildland Ecology but traded in her biologist hat several years ago to enter the world of publishing. A writer herself, Jackee loves learning about all aspects of creating children's books. Give her a good adventure story or a funny book to make her laugh and she'll love you forever.

    Rights People

    Co-agency for foreign and translation rights. Contact Alexandra Devlin with inquiries, moc.elpoepsthgir@nilvedardnaxela.

    The Gotham Group

    Co-agency for dramatic and performance rights. Contact Eddie Gamarra (moc.puorg-mahtog@eidde) with inquiries, 310-285-0001.

    Rights Mix

    Co-agency for audio rights. Contact Rebecca Mancini (ten.nozirev@jrinicnam) with inquiries, 973-900-7876.



    EMLA was founded in 1999 and has established a strong reputation in the children's publishing industry. The agency has seen steady growth topped by the last four years of impressive increases in revenues, staff, and awards and recognition for clients' books. Please go to Publishers Marketplace for information about recent deals and rights activity at EMLA, and scroll down this page for information about subsidiary rights co-agents.


    Submission Policy

    Reading Week

    Submission Policy

    EMLA is closed to unsolicited queries or submissions. We consider queries that come to us by referral from industry professionals we know, and individual agents are open to queries from attendees of conferences where they speak. If you have met us at a conference or have a referral, please paste your query into the contact form on our contact page. Do not query multiple EMLA agents at once. Note that we are no longer responding to queries or submissions from those who do not have a referral or have met us at a conference. Those sent in hard copy form via post or other means will receive no response, and those sent via email will receive a form rejection.

    Clients—Erin's next reading periods are March 30-April 3 and May 4-8.