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AUDACITY Gets Three Stars!
Melanie Crowder

It's a third starred review for Melanie Crowder's AUDACITY! The BCCB review has so many lovely things to say about this YA novel told in "graceful, affecting poetry". They praise Melanie's "outstanding job of limning Clara's inner struggles". Best of all, they say "this will make an excellent complement to units on women's rights and the labor movement, but it will also satisfy readers in search of a well-told tale of a fierce heroine". We agree! Congratulations, Melanie!


Power Down, Little Robot
Anna Staniszewski

"Charming enough to earn fans of all youngsters who engage in bedtime battles." ~ Kirkus Reviews. March release.

The Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch
Chris Barton

"Barton offers an immersive, engaging, and unflinching portrait of the difficulties of the Reconstruction era". ~ Kirkus Reviews, starred review. April release.

Jeanne Ryan

"A sympathetic protagonist combines with intriguing medical possibility for a solid thriller." ~ Kirkus Reviews. March release.