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Wild, wonderful debut for Megan Wagner Lloyd

Oh, how exciting it is to announce an author's debut book deal! There really is nothing like it, is there? And the more so when the story in question is itself one of those exceptional, stand-out pieces that you just know is going to change a little bit of the world.

Megan Wagner Lloyd signed on to be my client earlier this year, and in the time we've worked together on various wonderful and exciting projects—revisions here or there, a tweak or two, some rethinking, each time getting a little closer to the goal.

And then one fine Fall day, I received an email from Megan titled "New PB Manuscript—FINDING WILD." I cracked the brand new manuscript open, intending just to take a peek... and I was captivated. This gorgeous, moving ode to finding beauty in the world all around us gave me the shivers from that very first read. I wrote Megan back telling her I didn't want to change a word. Off it went into the world.

Just over a month later, we had an offer in hand! I'm delighted to say that FINDING WILD was acquired by Julia Maguire at Knopf, and will be illustrated by Abigail Halpin. Keep a lookout for this gem, people! You won't want to miss it.

Huge congratulations, Megan!

~ Joan


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