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My Cover is the Best!
My Dog is the Best
Laurie Thompson

Laurie Thompson is a busy lady. She has another cover to reveal! Illustrated by Paul Schmid, MY DOG IS THE BEST is a beautiful picture book about a boy and the dog he can't help but gush over. Look for it June 2015! Congratulations, Laurie!


Dirt Bikes, Drones, and Other Ways to Fly
Conrad Wesselhoeft

"A superbly well-balanced narrative." --Kirkus, Starred Review. April release.

Talker 25
Joshua McCune

Set in a future where dragon wars have shaped society, a sevnteen-year-old girl becomes caught in a deadly conflict of loyalty between the dragon resistance and the government forces who are trying to wipe them out. April release.

Bad Bye, Good Bye
Deborah Underwood

"Underwood’s ultra-succinct verse hits all the emotional marks that go along with a big transition…Bean, meanwhile, seems to take the topic to heart by moving in a new direction himself. He does wonderful things with light, starting with a gloomy rain scene and ending with soft, welcoming twilight." —Publishers Weekly, starred review. April release.