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Revenge of the Flower Girls
Jennifer Ziegler

Sometimes things happen so quickly that you don't really get to talk about them until they're almost done. Such is the case with Jennifer Ziegler's latest deal!

When Jenny's REVENGE OF THE FLOWER GIRLS came out, Kirkus said the triplet protagonists made "sisterhood seem almost magical," SLJ enjoyed the "genuine humor in the hijinks the girls devise," and Publishers Weekly said the book would "have readers wishing the Brewsters lived on their block." The book did beautifully for Scholastic, but due to a few things behind the scenes, they didn't pull the trigger on a sequel until this fall—and the sequel they chose, of the ideas Jenny had, was a Christmas book, which means it had to be done basically RightNow in time to make the fall 2015 list. And so it is that four months after Jenny's May release of FLOWER GIRLS, we had a deal for REVENGE OF THE ANGELS, and two months after that, Jenny had turned in a manuscript (Whew! Good job, Jenny!), and a month after *that*, we are finally able to tell the world about it! But it seems especially appropriate to be celebrating this particular book right now, at holiday time.

Once again, the wonderful Erin Black is the acquiring editor, and this time, those clever Delaney triplets are *not* happy to be cast in the Christmas pageant as angels instead of as the three wise men, as they'd planned. Naturally, more humor and hijinx ensue!

I can't wait to share this one with readers. Congratulations, Jenny!



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