Together We Grow - Susan (S R) Vaught<br/> Dear Beast - Dori Hillestad Butler<br/> - Kevan Atteberry<br/> Desert Girl, Monsoon Boy - Tara Dairman<br/> Clap When You Land - Elizabeth Acevedo Clever Hans - Kerri Kokias The Colossus of Roads - Christina Uss<br/> Elizabeth Warren's Big, Bold Plans - Laurie Ann Thompson<br/> Good Guys, Bad Guys - Joanne Rocklin<br/> Keep It Together, Keiko Carter - Debbi Michiko Florence<br/> My Brother the Duck - Pat Zietlow  Miller<br/> Where'd My Jo Go? - Jill Esbaum<br/> Daring Darleen: Queen of the Screen - Anne Nesbet<br/> Outside In - Deborah Underwood<br/> Rescuing the Declaration of Independence - Anna Crowley Redding<br/> A Book for Escargot - Dashka Slater<br/> The Missing Dwarf - Anna Staniszewski<br/> Play Like an Animal - Maria Gianferrari<br/> When the Snow Is Deeper Than My Boots Are Tall - Jean Reidy<br/> Firetruck vs Dragon - Chris Barton<br/> Frog Boots - Jill Esbaum<br/> Monster's Trucks - Rebecca Van Slyke<br/> One Little Lot - Diane C. Mullen Spindle and Dagger - J. Anderson Coats<br/> Thank You, Garden - Liz Garton Scanlon<br/> The Warrior's Curse - Jennifer A. Nielsen<br/> Whoo-ku Haiku - Maria Gianferrari<br/> A High Five for Glenn Burke - Phil Bildner<br/> The Vampire Doll - Kat Shepherd<br/> The Wonder of Wildflowers - Anna Staniszewski<br/> Ducks! - Deborah Underwood<br/> Freaky in Fresno - Laurie Boyle Crompton<br/> All of a Sudden and Forever - Chris Barton<br/> Just Like a Mama - Alice Faye Duncan<br/> Strange Exit - Parker Peevyhouse<br/> Three Ways to Trap a Leprechaun - Tara Lazar<br/> Night of Dangers - Zack Loran Clark<br/> King of the Tightrope: When the Great Blondin Ruled Niagara - Donna Janell Bowman<br/> Reading Beauty - Deborah Underwood<br/> A Tale Magnolious - Suzanne Nelson<br/> Bad Order - Barb Bentler Ullman<br/> Code - PJ Hoover Codzilla -  <br/> Elon Musk - Anna Crowley Redding<br/> Five Minutes: (That's a Lot of Time) (No, It's Not) (Yes, It Is) - Liz Garton Scanlon<br/> - Audrey  Vernick<br/> Ghost Cat - Kevan Atteberry<br/> Give and Take - Elly Swartz The Green Children of Woolpit - J. Anderson Coats<br/> Hearts of Ice - Adi Rule<br/> The Hidden Code - PJ Hoover Ho Ho Homework - Mylisa Larsen<br/> I Wonder - K.A.  Holt<br/> Merbaby - Katy Duffield<br/> My Life as An Ice Cream Sandwich - Dan Richards<br/> One Dark Bird - Liz Garton Scanlon<br/> Shake It Off! - Suzanne Nelson<br/> Soccer Time -  <br/> Truman - Jean Reidy<br/> The Twilight Curse - Kat Shepherd<br/> Two Truths and a Lie: Forces of Nature - Ammi-Joan (A.J.) Paquette<br/> - Laurie Ann Thompson<br/> What Miss Mitchell Saw - Hayley Barrett<br/> Your First Day of Circus School - Tara Lazar<br/> Monster Club: Hunters for Hire - Gavin Brown<br/>