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Rhyme Schemer

Rhyme Schemer

The lovely and versatile K. A. Holt has penned many a wide-ranging book—from haiku to picture books to science fiction—but what she is arguably best known for these days is her heartfelt, accessible, and kid-friendly MG novels in verse. From RHYME SCHEMER to HOUSE ARREST to KNOCKOUT, these books reach kids right where they are at, even the most reluctant of them.

So it's perhaps no surprise that Kari's newest deal continues in this vein—and this time, we are starting a new series with all-new characters! The first book is titled BENBEE, wherein we meet a group of remedial language arts students who make a deal that for every ten minutes spent reading, their teacher will spend equal time playing their favorite online game. But when school administrators find out about the deal, it's up to this unlikely bunch to save their teacher.

The two-book deal was sold to Taylor Norman at Chronicle, and the first title will publish in Fall 2020. Huge congrats, Kari!!