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It's another good-news celebration day, this time for the inventive author Gavin Brown. When we signed together last year, the manuscript he sent my way involved a trio of intrepid kids who live in a sort of Pokemon GO type world, where devious and destructive monsters are just an app click away. When the kids decide to sign up as freelance monster hunters, they think at first they're just in it for fun and excitement. Instead, they start to realize that there are much bigger stakes involved—including a sinister evil pulling strings behind the scenes. What happens when the hunters become the hunted?

This, my friends, is MONSTER CLUB: HUNTERS FOR HIRE in a nutshell. I know, right?? J

It's on that note that I am delighted to share that the book was acquired by Orlando Dos Reis at Scholastic, and acquired some time ago, in fact. The book is publishing this summer and will be on a bookshelf near you beginning in July. I for one can't wait.

Huge congratulations, Gavin!