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Secondhand Wishes

Secondhand Wishes

Yes, it’s true! We have another deal announcement to share for the ever-versatile and prolific Anna Staniszewski. (Her latest MG novel, SECONDHAND WISHES, is publishing on January 29th, so you should probably go and preorder that right now J)

 And now, for the latest news: Katie Carella at Scholastic has signed on Anna’s brand new early chapter book series, ONCE UPON A FAIRY TALE, to be launched as part of their illustrated early chapter book series, Branches. The four books follow two friends who live in the Enchanted Forest and set about to solve various fairy tale mysteries. Beginning with THE MAGIC MIRROR, this series will delight young readers both new and established.

 The first book is dropping this fall, so stay tuned for more details to come. Hooray, Anna!