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Many of you may know Elaine from her alter-publishing-ego, as author of the fantastic award-winning middle grade novels, LIKE MAGIC and PAPER CHAINS. In today’s deal, however, our intrepid author forges into completely uncharted new territory: a dark and insightful YA psychological thriller.

Here is a little more about FADEAWAY, E. B. Vickers:

When hoops hero Jake Mercado goes missing the night after leading his team to the state title, six of the people closest to him hold a piece of the puzzle that could lead to his return. But they each hold part of the blame too.

The best friend.

The little brother.

The ex-girlfriend—and the guy she’s dating now.

The head coach—and the fired coach whose place he took.

The disgraced former player who lost the championship last time.

 And the one who knows exactly where Jake disappeared to—and why? That’s who’s fighting hardest to make sure nobody else finds out. 

Beartown meets Where Things Come Back in this YA suspense novel about addiction, redemption, and the lies we tell each other—and ourselves.

This outstanding novel was snapped up in a whirlwind preempt by the illustrious Michelle Frey at Knopf. It will be publishing in Spring 2021, so keep on the lookout print the stunning new literary work.

Congratulations, Elaine!!

- Joan