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EMLA has been growing, and now we’ve got a full house! I am so pleased to share the news that award-winning author Miranda Paul has joined EMLA as Associate Agent and has already begun building her own client list.

Miranda interned remotely for me over the summer from her home in Wisconsin and I was blown away by her know-how, her organizational skills, and her passion. She has worked with students (and campers) in every grade from Pre-K through college, is a co-founding member of the nonprofit organization We Need Diverse Books, and has presented at SCBWI conferences, The Writing Barn, the Highlights Foundation (Nuts and Bolts of STEM writing) and the Library of Congress Young Readers Center. In her other lives, Miranda has worked as a freelance writer and journalist. Her picture books includeOne Plastic Bag, Water is Water, 10 Little Ninjas, I Am Farmer, Nine Months, Little Libraries, Big Heroes, and many more. 

Miranda has her sights on prolific writers and writer-illustrators who are able to craft geeky-yet-wildly-entertaining manuscripts that bring science to lay audiences, make her laugh out loud, or have a strong social justice bent; and novels, memoirs, or nonfiction that are philosophically and emotionally gripping. She will be following EMLA’s standard submission policy, which can be found here.

I’m so thrilled to have you aboard, Miranda!