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We all wear many hats. Recently, I (Miranda Paul) added the agent hat to my rack after years of being known for my work as an author. I couldn’t be more excited to announce my client Philip Hoelzel’s debut deal, which focuses on an important multi-hat-wearing icon.

Planting Hope, Hoelzel’s picture book biography chronicles the life and work of international photographer Sebastião Salgado and how he has shifted the lens on environment in recent years. After spending much of his life abroad, Salgado returned to his childhood home in Brazil and was devastated to see how much of the Amazon had been deforested. His newest effort to plant two million trees and document the life and people of the Brazilian Amazon are the focus of Hoelzel’s debut nonfiction, which will help children understand how seeing a problem is a necessary first step in working toward a solution, and that when we are hopeful, we inspire others to work with us for change.

The book will be illustrated by the acclaimed Brazilian artist Renato Alarcão.

Philip Hoelzel is an outdoors enthusiast who enjoys hiking, camping and spending time in nature. Born and raised near Chicago, he now lives in Austin, Texas. He holds a teaching certification and is fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese. Phil has authored a beginner guide for family camping in Texas, which led to a partnership between him, Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI), and the Texas State parks to print 50,000 copies of the park guides in Spanish. Phil has been a keynote speaker for the San Antonio Independent School District, has appeared on Spanish language television, is a member of SCBWI, and serves as a Teaching Assistant at The Writing Barn. Learn more at

I can’t wait for summer 2021, when this book will grace bookshelves everywhere. Julia McCarthy is the perfect editor to have acquired this story, and the author/illustrator pairing makes me enthusiastic about the passion and closeness each creator brings to the story. If you want to tweet your congratulations or stay on top of the book’s development, here’s who to tag/follow:

Author Phil Hoelzel: @CotopaxiPhil

Illustrator Renato Alarcão: @alarcao

Editor Julia McCarthy: @thejumbles

Publisher S&S Kids - @SimonKIDS

S&S General - @SimonBooks

Agent Miranda Paul: @Miranda_Paul