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Can I see a show of hands: Who here was a rock lover when they were young? … Who still is? I mean, what’s not to love? Rocks are magical, rocks are useful, rocks are inspirational. Rocks are everywhere. Written in the lyrical, down-to-earth prose that has charmed children and adults all over the world, WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH A ROCK is an ode to the endless, creative fun one can have with a simple rock.

 Of course, the very best thing one can do with a rock is to share it, because people are like rocks: some look shiny right away, while others have secret treasure deep inside. And we couldn’t more delighted than to share this wonderful book with you!

WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH A ROCK was sold in a two-book preempt to Molly Cusick at Sourcebooks, and will be illustrated by Katie Kath. Look for this book on shelves everywhere in Fall 2021. And get ready for a book you will treasure, and read over and over again!

Congratulations, Pat!

- Joan