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Well . . . actually it is OUT OF THE BLUE! That is to say: the book is called OUT OF THE BLUE, but the deal itself has been a long time in the making—millennia, in fact!

Have you ever wondered what were the first creatures to come out of the ocean and find their way onto land, all those many years ago? Why did they do it—and how do they relate to the animals we know today? With kid-friendly prose and lively illustrations, OUT OF THE BLUE is a non-fiction picture book that will compare aquatic and land animals that sprang from common ancestors but took on surprisingly different appearances as they evolved and adapted. 

This fantastic and fascinating book is being illustrated by the talented Frann Preston-Gannon, and was preempted for publication by Katie Cunningham at Candlewick Press. Look for this mustn’t-miss gem on shelves everywhere in early 2021. 

Hooray, Elizabeth!

- Joan