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There are times when I’m writing news of a new book deal and I’m practically squirming, I’m so happy about every single piece of the news—that the author has something new, that it’s found the perfect home, that the editor loves it so much. This is one of those times!

Jennifer Ziegler has written something brand-new! Her last four books were in the Delaney Triplets world, but this is something different, a book of her heart that has been calling to her for quite some time: WORSER, a MG novel that tells the story of a socially awkward, word-loving boy whose life is upended by his single mom’s recent stroke, but finds glimmers of hope when it turns out there are friends to be found who also share his love of wordplay. 

Even better: The legendary Margaret Ferguson, who has her own imprint at Holiday House, has snapped it up. Oh, the magic these two will make together!

Those of you who have heard Jenny read excerpts at retreats know this one is special. Please join me in a big WHOOP WHOOP for Jenny!