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It’s no surprise to hear that Chris Barton has some new nonfiction picture books underway, right? And of course, through the magical timing of deal announcements, it looks like two are coming together at almost the same time even though we placed the ideas or texts with publishers months apart last year. 

First up (just announced): HOW TO MAKE A BOOK (ABOUT MY DOG), to be published with Carol Hinz at Lerner, who is Chris’s editor on DAZZLE SHIPS and ALL OF A SUDDEN AND FOREVER, among others. Sarah Horne is illustrating for a fall 2021 release. This one is super-fun because it’s so meta. It’s about how a nonfiction book about Chris’s dog, Ernie, gets created and published. I can’t wait to see this one come together!

Next up (PW announcement coming soon): ALTON YATES’ MOVEMENT FORWARD, signed by Andrea Welch at Beach Lane/S&S, who edited WHAT DO YOU DO WITH A VOICE LIKE THAT? Steffi Walthall is illustrating for a spring 2022 release. The subject of this book is an Air Force enlistee who has a unique view of scientific and social progress due to his participation in early NASA programs and in Civil Rights activism—and Chris has been fortunate enough to interview him in person, which makes this one especially meaningful.

Huge congratulations to Chris for this double whammy!