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He knows… AND he is willing to share his inside scoop. What a guy, right?

Yep – it’s no secret how important it is to have a good memory. From thinking back on fond former times (and aren’t just about ALL past-times fond right now, hmmm?) to recalling key information at a critical moment, our memory skills are something we need—and use—every single day. The stronger and sharper our memory, the more we can do with it. So why not build up that muscle right from the early years?

That was the indisputable train of logic that led to this spectacular new deal: 

Daniel Nayeri at Odd Dot has acquired Jacob Sager Weinstein’s middle-grade nonfiction book, HOW TO REMEMBER EVERYTHING: TIPS AND TRICKS TO BECOME A MEMORY MASTER, a humorous, highly illustrated approach to boosting memory skills, which will walk kids step-by-step through the key techniques and a wide range of practical tips and tricks. Ammi-Joan Paquette at Erin Murphy Literary Agency did the deal for world rights. Publication will be in October 2020.

You read that right—it’s coming directly to your bookshelf THIS October. Which means it’s nowhere near too early to start getting excited *right now*! (Maybe call your bookstore for a preorder?? :))

Huge congrats, Jacob and team!