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We’ve got great news to share today, from a fantastically versatile author—Trent Reedy, whose trilogy DIVIDED WE FALL foretold a scary second civil war; whose tech-thriller GAMER ARMY got pulses everywhere racing at top speed; and whose thoughtful contemporary IF YOU’RE READING THIS explored father-son relationships and the challenges of growing up.

Now we are ready to head in an entirely different direction: out into the wild!

Yes, my friends, it’s true—three new books in an action-packed MG series celebrating the great outdoors. What, I ask, could possibly be better reading as we come out of this time when the outdoors is one of our few actual constants?

Here is the deal announcement, for your perusal pleasure:

Simon Boughton at Norton Young Readers has acquired Gamer Army and Words in the Dust author Trent Reedy’s new outdoor sports and adventure series for middle graders. The three-book deal will begin publication in March 2021 with Hunter’s Choice, about a twelve-year-old boy setting out on his first deer hunt with his family, with the difficulties and dilemmas this brings. The second book will feature snowmobiling, and the third fishing. Ammi-Joan Paquette at Erin Murphy Literary Agency did the deal for World English rights. 

There you have it – mark those calendars, and congratulations, Trent!!

- Joan