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I am sure I have said this on this page before, but every time, it feels so good when a project that is close to a creator’s heart lands in exactly the right hands.

Such is the case with Liz Garton Scanlon’s second novel, LOLO’S LIGHT, a moving and cathartic story of one girl’s walk through isolating grief in the midst of middle-school normalcy, and the magical thinking that helps her on her journey back to light. Taylor Norman at Chronicle fell hard for this one—and then, gratifyingly, so did the entire Chronicle team! Y’all, the offer letter on this one made me cry! That feeling…not only do they GET it, but they connected with it on a deep, emotional level. For some, they identified with that feeling of grief making you separate. For others, they wished they’d had this book when they were younger, so they might have better understood what a friend had gone through. For all, they know this book will provide readers comfort, and what’s better than that right now, when we’re all going through so much hard stuff?

Watch for this one in fall 2022, folks! It’s going to knock your socks off!

Congratulations, Liz!