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Every book has an origin story, and—as all of we writers and readers know—these can spring from just about anywhere. But there are some books, the most meaningful and special ones, that come not from an idea but from a person, from a place, from a time. Some books are heart-straight.

And never was this more true than in the case of Jacob Sager Weinstein’s powerful new picture book, which is drawn directly from the youth of his mother, Rosa, when her family had to flee Europe on the advent of World War II. Here is the deal announcement for this breathtaking and heartwarming book soon to come:

Ben Rosenthal at Katherine Tegen Books has acquired Jacob Sager Weinstein’s newest picture book, WHAT ROSA BROUGHT, with illustrations by Eliza Wheeler. This poignant true story—based on life events in Jacob’s family—tells of a young Jewish girl who lives with her family in Vienna in 1938, and what happens when the world begins to change around them. Ammi-Joan Paquette at Erin Murphy Literary Agency represented the author and Jennifer Rofé at Andrea Brown Literary Agency represented the illustrator, in a deal for world rights. Publication will be in fall 2023.

 An unbeatable story, an unbeatable team. Mark your calendars, folks—this one’s a fair way out, but mustn’t be missed!

Congratulations, Jacob!

- Joan