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It’s time to announce a very exciting book deal, from a very exciting author! Scientist and educator Katie Slivensky is known for her action-packed, science-driven middle-grade thrillers (check out THE COUNTDOWN CONSPIRACY and THE SEISMIC SEVEN, if you haven’t already!), but today’s book deal takes the thrills to a whole new level.

While speaking with Algonquin editor Elise Howard many moons ago, she told me that she had always wanted to sign up a non-fiction book for kids about particle physics. (I mean, let’s be honest—who doesn’t have this secret dream?? :D) Well, the more we talked, the more I knew that I had just the right person to take on this task.

And the rest is history! Here is the deal announcement that went live this week:

Elise Howard and Krestyna Lypen at Algonquin have bought World rights to Katie Slivensky’s non-fiction debut, SMALLER: THE SEARCH FOR SUBATOMIC PARTICLES, with Lypen editing. This middle-grade book will take readers on the wild journeys scientists have embarked upon to find evidence of the existence of ever-smaller matter, and show how what they find helps us to understand the universe. Ammi-Joan Paquette at Erin Murphy Literary Agency managed the deal, for anticipated publication in Spring 2023.

Hooray and huge congrats, Katie!

- Joan