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Five Minutes: (That

Five Minutes: (That's a Lot of Time) (No, It's Not) (Yes, It Is)

There is something extra-magical about a co-authorship that shows off the strengths of both writers and just hums along making good things happen. So it goes with Liz Garton Scanlon and Audrey Vernick, who first paired in BOB, NOT BOB and most recently published FIVE MINUTES (THAT’S A LOT OF TIME) (NO, IT’S NOT) (YES, IT IS). Humor and heart, that’s this co-authorship in a nutshell!

FIVE MINUTES was sold at auction to Stephanie Pitts/Putnam in a two-book deal, and at last, we’re ready to tell the world about book #2:

THE WORLD’S BEST CLASS PLANT, in which a group of kids is terribly disappointed in the lack of a class pet—until a class plant turns out to be the best thing ever, is now scheduled for summer 2023 (in time for back to school), and will be illustrated by the wonderful Lynnor Bontigao (repped by Caryn Wiseman of Andrea Brown Literary Agency). 

I can’t wait for you to meet the kids and of course the real star of the show—the plant—in this book!

Congratulations, Liz and Audrey!