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What’s better than one new book? Oh, boy. Let me say this: It’s not every day that you get to announce a two-book deal for one author—from TWO different publishers!

It all comes down to the fabulously talented Maria Gianferrari’s keen eye for the natural world, and her irresistible voice in sharing that view with the rest of us. Without further ado, here are the two books which I’m thrilled to share news of today:

YOU AND THE BOWERBIRD is a lyrical story which follows two bowerbirds and their very colorful adventures (including trickery and sabotage) while a young child observes their behaviors, nest-building, and vibrant display-making. This unique and gorgeous tale has been paired with art by NYT bestselling illustrator Maris Wicks for a whopper of a gorgeous book, signed on by Emily Feinberg at Roaring Book and heading your way in 2024.

FUNGI GROW is the absolutely definitive ode to the time-honored mushroom–from food to forest and back again, getting up close and personal with this intriguing, essential, and often under-appreciated specimen, all wrapped in a fun and kid-friendly parcel, for maximum enjoyment. This book will be illustrated by the brilliant Diana Sudyka, and is publishing with Andrea Welch at Beach Lane in 2023.

The only problem I’m seeing with all this good nature literature is – how on earth will we wait until publication date?? Huge congrats to Maria and all these talented teams!

- Joan