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It’s time for an exciting new deal announcement today . . . Long-time EMLA author Melanie Crowder is particularly known for her award-winning historical novels in verse and prose—notable among them are AUDACITY and the newly released MAZIE—but the thing to know about Melanie is that she is a poet first and foremost. And now she has expanded her repertoire into something entirely new: non-fiction picture books!

Melanie has teamed up with her talented friend and fellow-poet Megan Benedict to create a fantastic poetic ode to the many wild winds of the world—how they blow and everything about them you need to know. This breathtaking book was scooped up by Hilary Van Dusen for the new MIT Press Kids imprint at Candlewick, and is being illustrated by Khoa Le.

The final book will be on shelves in spring 2024, and I for one can’t wait! Mark your calendars, folks – and a huge congratulations to Melanie and Megan and all!