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Where do we get all this good food we eat every day? Some of our minds might go immediately to those supermarket shelves . . . and doubtless many kids’ minds go there too. That’s why this new forthcoming book by PB superstar Maria Gianferrari is so essential. Here is the deal announcement with all the info you need to know:

Simon Boughton at Norton Young Readers has acquired Maria Gianferrari’s THANK A FARMER, illustrated by Monica Mikai, a joyous picture book celebrating the many ways in which farmers plant, tend, and cultivate the food we eat every day: from field to table. Publication is set for Fall 2023, with Ammi-Joan Paquette at Erin Murphy Literary Agency representing the author, and Christy Ewers at CAT representing the illustrator, in a deal for world rights.

I for one can’t wait to hold this much-needed book in my hands – and to share it with everyone I know. How about you? :D

Congratulations, Maria!!