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Our own Ammi-Joan Paquette, who is known by some of her readers as A. J. Paquette, has yet another book on the way! Fresh on the heels of NOWHERE GIRL, she's signed the delightful DAHLIA'S RULES FOR GHOSTING with Walker/Bloomsbury. The middle-grade novel focuses on a young ghost learning her limits and powers as she tries to solve the mystery of her own death. She is joined by a living boy whose family has recently moved into the house she haunts, and together they fend of an unscrupulous ghosthunter. Dahlia is the most wonderful, bubbly, sympathetic character you can imagine, and as you might expect, Joan's writing just sparkles!

Joan's Walker editor has been Stacy Cantor Abrams, who recently had big news of her own. Now that Stacy is moving to Entangled, Joan will be in the very capable hands of the wonderful Mary Kate Castellani.

Congratulations, Joan!