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It wasn’t long ago that we welcomed new arrival and recent round-the-world honeymooner extraordinaire Tara Dairman into the EMLA family. Today, I’m overjoyed to announce that Tara has accepted an offer for her debut middle-grade novel: THE DELICIOUS DOUBLE LIFE OF GLADYS GATSBY.
The star of the show is Gladys Gatsby, a precocious sixth-grader with a passion for all things food-related. (Now, is anybody out there still wondering how I happened to fall in love with this particular story? No… I didn’t think so.) An essay competition gone awry results in Gladys being assigned to write a restaurant review for none other than the New York Times food editor... but, of course, the editor has no idea how old Gladys really is. And Gladys is determined to keep it that way. No matter what shenanigans she has to pull to do so.
This manuscript made me swoon from the very first page. There are mouth-watering food descriptions; there’s a spunky, larger-than-life heroine; and there is tons of quirky humor that made me repeatedly laugh out loud. I am so thrilled that GLADYS GATSBY has found a publishing home at Putnam, with the lovely and wildly enthusiastic Shauna Fay editing.
Congratulations, Tara!