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Hooray! A new debut author to celebrate! Amy Finnegan just joined EMLA in the last couple of whirlwind weeks, and she came with an offer in hand, so we are very pleased to already be announcing her first deal!

Debut author Amy Finnegan's NOT IN THE SCRIPT, a contemporary romance set behind the scenes in the entertainment industry, where egos are big, tabloids are insatiable, and a not-quite-everyday boy and girl find each other while searching for themselves, for publication in fall 2014, to Caroline Abbey at Bloomsbury, by Erin Murphy of Erin Murphy Literary Agency (world).

Amy has family connections that have given her an insider's view of behind-the-scenes at the filming of a TV show, so all the Hollywood stuff feels incredibly believable in the novel. And one thing I love about it? It's long! Most contemporary romances are really quick reads, but now and then, you'd like a beach read that you can just keep reading, and this is like that. Not overly long--it doesn't ever drag a single bit--but it's just such a joy to stay in that world for so long!

Amy has two more YA novels drafted or partially drafted, one of which is a series, so there are more good things to come.

Congratulations, Amy!