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Publishing is a funny business. We get ideas about things having to be a certain way because that's how they usually are—but sometimes it seems as though there are more exceptions than rules.

Take Kersten Hamilton's adorable young picture book, RED TRUCK. The hardcover came out in 2008. It got a starred review. Its Amazon page is full of parents saying how much their small children love its energetic text and onomotopoeia. It, pardon the pun, trucked right along, but didn't break any records.

Last year (four years later!), the publisher (Viking) released a board book version, and it really took off!

Cut to the present day, and Kersten is signing up a companion book. Now, who would have thought a sequel/companion/series could be had five years after first publication? But there you go. A funny business indeed, and we are happy that RED TRUCK has found its groove and will now be the first of what we hope will be many.

Like RED TRUCK, the new book, YELLOW COPTER, will be published by Viking and illustrated by Valieria Petrone. Unlike RED TRUCK, Kersten has a new agent AND a new editor, as the editor of RED TRUCK has moved on in the intervening years. So YELLOW COPTER was signed by the wonderful Kendra Levin, for world rights, and was represented by...well, me! Congratulations, Kersten, on creating such lively, fun, young-child-engaging texts (and on the new book deal)!