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Some books spring fully-formed from the author's brain into the laps of an eager editor. Others are a labor of love on both sides; and, perhaps, are even the sweeter for that process. This book is a case of the latter—a book which has through a variety of shaping and incarnations over the past several years, until it has become a story that is even sweeter, spicier, and more poignant than you might expect from the ever-talented Curtis Manley. And it's coming once again under the watchful auspices of Emily Feinberg at Roaring Book.

Yep, folks: ROBOT DOG is a treat—the story of about a girl who has wanted a dog forever, and finally decides to take matters into her own very capable hands. A friendship story with just a dash of programming instruction thrown in for good measure. What could be better?

Well, the only thing that could possibly have made it better would be illustrations by LeUyen Pham. And that's what we got! The whole package will be a while longer in the making—not splashing onto a shelf near you until spring 2020—but so very worth waiting for.

Hooray, Curtis!!