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Oh, friends! There are some stories that just melt your heart a little every time you think about them. And this is one of those. Get ready for this incredibly moving, magical, heartwarming middle-grade adventure that is forthcoming from Suzanne Nelson—the title is a long one, but it's worth every word.

A TALE MAGNOLIOUS: THE ADVENTURES OF AN ORPHAN, HER ELEPHANT, AND SOME RATHER UNUSUAL SEEDS is the story of a girl, an elephant, and what happens when a small Midwestern town is caught in the grip of a forbidding dust storm—with just a hint of magic tossed in the mix. Exploring deep themes of friendship and more, this is an absolute gem that must not be missed.

I'm delighted to share the news today that MAGNOLIOUS was acquired by the brilliant Michelle Frey at Knopf, and will be lumbering onto bookshelves everywhere in Fall 2019. Stay tuned!

Warmest congratulations, Suzanne!