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Once upon a time, princesses were content to spend their days strolling through fields and counting their jewels and gazing longingly into pools. If that was ever actually true, that time has long passed.

And for no one is that more true than for Princess Susan, the take-charge heroine of Jacob Sager Weinstein's forthcoming picture book, PRINCESS, INC. Princess Susan wants a job. An important job. And if her parents won't give her one, she's going to find one for herself. The delightful story and the antics that ensue are captured in Jacob Sager Weinstein's inimitable style, and the book has been acquired by Anne Hoppe at Clarion.

If you've seen LYRIC MCKERRIGAN, SECRET LIBRARIAN, Jacob's magnificent first book with Anne Hoppe and Clarion (with iconic illustrations by Vera Brosgol!), you will know you're in for a real treat. Stay tuned, readers!

Huge congrats, Jacob!