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If there's one thing you can expect from a book by Anne Nesbet, it's variety. Whether she's exposing a shadowy magical world in Paris, or taking us deep behind the Iron Curtain in 1980s East Berlin, or following the musical adventurers of a band of orphan friends, you always know you're in for a rollicking good adventure, told with skill and finesse. So you won't be at all surprised to hear that her newest book-in-the-works is just as fascinating and exciting as those that have come before—and equally unpredictable in subject matter.

Here is the pitch, for your anticipatory pleasure:

Kaylan Adair at Candlewick has acquired Cloud & Wallfish author Anne Nesbet's next middle grade novel, DARING DARLEEN, SERIAL QUEEN, the story of a twelve-year-old film star in the early 1900s, whose fictional adventures collide with reality when a fake kidnapping set up as a publicity stunt becomes all too real. Ammi-Joan Paquette at Erin Murphy Literary Agency did the deal for World rights, for publication in spring 2020.

Hip, hip, hooray for Anne! Another amazing book is a-coming.