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One of the lovely things about long-term editorial relationships is that sometimes, authors and editors cook things up together. When this happens, my involvement is minimal—so for this new deal announcement, I'll just use Deborah Underwood's version of the story (courtesy of Facebook):

"In March of 2017, my editor emailed me and told me she wanted a book on kindness and thought I was the person to write it. I wrote back that I was [out of town and] buried in parental care issues, and she said if and when I had anything to share, she'd love to see.

"Months later I had a draft; she and writing friends gave me suggestions; I revised. But it just didn't feel like it was gelling. So after a while, I tried another way and ran it past her. She thought it could work, too.

"Then this February, some rhymed couplets came to me. I shared those, and her response was 'YESSSSSSSSSSS! By god, I think you've got it!!!'

"So here's to editors who encourage us and give us the time we need. And to kindness!"


Here is the deal announcement:

Laura Godwin at Holt/Godwin has acquired world rights to Deborah Underwood's new picture book, FINDING KINDNESS. A celebration of kindness in all its many forms, the book tells a story of community, compassion, and generosity of spirit. Irene Chan will illustrate; publication is planned for fall 2019. Erin Murphy at Erin Murphy Literary Agency represented the author, and Christy Tugeau Ewers at the CAT Agency represented the illustrator.

Hooray, Deborah!