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Illustrator extraordinaire Mark Crilley is possibly best known for his YouTube channel, where he has put out an original artwork instruction video weekly for the last decade. (Seriously, check him out on YouTube—he's amazing!) Over the last few years, he has translated that instructional side of his work into print, with a range of terrific books including the MASTERING MANGA series, THE REALISM CHALLENGE, THE DRAWING LESSON, and many more.

Today, I am excited to share a deal that takes Mark's art in an entirely new direction, and brings him back to his early publication roots—graphic novel fiction! Here is the fantastic deal that posted in Publishers Weekly:

Emily Meehan and Hannah Allaman at Disney-Hyperion have preempted World rights to YouTube art guru and Mastering Manga creator Mark Crilley's graphic novel TWO ARTISTS, which follows two friends on the bumpy road to adulthood, as they discover how their art shapes their friendship, and their friendship shapes their art—and the rest of their lives.

The first book in this two-book deal is scheduled for spring 2020, so mark your calendars accordingly. Congratulations, Mark!