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May 2019

That Ammi-Joan Paquette, she sure knows how to put together a bouncy, energetic picture book text that makes readers smile! (See: BUNNY BUS and GHOST IN THE HOUSE and its companion, ELF IN THE HOUSE.) Add in a spritz of her trademark can-do spirit, and you’ve got MUCKY TRUCK, a picture book in which a little truck gets stuck in the mud, and all his vehicle friends try to help but get stuck as well, resulting in a muddy good time.

Julia Sooy at Holt/Godwin snapped it up and matched it with the divine Elisa Ferro (represented by Tom Thorogood of Good Illustration), and it will be out in winter 2021, just in time for the spring thaw, of course! 

Congratulations, Joan!


…and so are Pat Zietlow Miller and e.E. Charlton-Trujillo!

These rock-star EMLA clients met at our annual agency retreat and have become fast friends—and now co-authors! Joan Powers at Candlewick has signed picture book LUPE LOPEZ: ROCK STAR RULES and a sequel, too! Lupe is a sunglasses-wearing, drumstick (pencil)-wielding kindergartner at Hector P. Garcia  Elementary whose personal rules differ from school rules—but who finds her way (and her fellow rock stars) with some hard work and creativity. Lupe’s attitude is easily summed up in her response when the teacher tells her to use her inside voice: “Rock and roll IS my inside voice!”

We seriously cannot wait to see what the magnificent Joe Cepeda (repped by Jennifer Rofé at Andrea Brown Literary) does with this super-fun text. We’ll probably fill the most painful periods of waiting with watching Lupe’s soul sister rock out in Bomba Estéreo’s "Soy Yo" video.

Congratulations, Pat and e.!

—Joan and Erin